Videos geared toward volunteers and leaders serving families with special needs. The videos are most applicable to the church setting, but could be used by any organization that seeks to care for individuals with special needs and their families. Each video includes handouts and discussion questions, and there are varying lengths to fit each organization’s needs.

You are free to use these videos however you see fit. And we would love feedback and ideas for future videos! Scroll down or click the “contact” button at the top of the page to send us your thoughts!

Start With Why

Discusses the scriptural basis for special needs ministry, and the various attitudes we can have toward individuals with learning differences.

Condensed - 22:56 minutes

Full-length - 47:29 minutes

Download handouts and discussion questions for “Start With Why” here

Disability 101

Discusses some of the most common disabilities and needs you might encounter in your ministry, as well as how to engage with individuals who may act or communicate differently.

Condensed - 19:16 minutes

Full-length - 45:21 minutes

Download handouts and discussion questions for “Disability 101” here

Behavior Strategies

Discusses the causes of behavior in individuals with special needs and gives strategies to avoid and safely handle challenging situations.

Condensed - 38:50 minutes

Full-length - 1 hour 19 minutes

Download handouts and discussion questions for “Behavior Strategies” here

Future video topics include:

  • Starting and growing a special needs ministry

  • Family needs and outreach

  • Serving adults with special needs

Note: The views expressed in these videos are opinions from my own experience and training, and do not reflect the opinions of any specific organization. In addition, the ways in which the information from each video is disseminated and implemented are solely up to the user.