Events and Resources for Families with Special Needs

We are here to help.

If you or a family member has special needs, it may seem that you’re swimming upstream to scrape together resources. If you’re a church or organization working to serve these families, you may feel like you’re starting from scratch!

But you are not alone.

We strive to be a one-stop-shop for both families and churches to find resources and encouragement. We hope you find what you need! If not, contact us and let us know how we can help.


We want to make it easy to find and create community for families with special needs, so we compile resources and provide services for families and the churches/organizations that serve them.


Q: What is a “special Need”?

A: We recognize that not everyone identifies with the term “special needs”. We don’t want to offend anyone, but it’s also important to use a universal term that will lead people to these specific resources.

For the purposes of this website and the arise ministry, A “special need” is any intellectual, physical, emotional or social difference that impedes an individual’s ability to participate in activities that they would like to be a part of.


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We believe every person
is made in the image of God
and has a purpose.


Not in Texas? No problem! We are in contact with communities all around the country and would be happy to help you connect to resources near you.

Just send us a message!