getting started

If you are thinking about or working toward starting a ministry for families with special needs at your church, the first thing I have to say to you is “HOORAY!!” You probably feel overwhelmed and maybe even scared, but you are not alone. There is truly a movement happening around the US as churches recognize the great need to be able to welcome every person who comes through their doors. There is no such thing as a special “calling” to serve these families — our “call” is to make disciples of all the nations and show Christ’s love to everyone. It just takes a little extra manpower and effort to make disciples of individuals who move, learn or act differently.

Here are some FAQ about starting a ministry. If you have questions that aren’t addressed on this website, contact us and we’ll do our best to get you all the tools you need!

Future content:

  • Where to start

  • Getting you church leadership on-board

  • Recruiting and training volunteers

  • Different options for serving individuals

  • Policies, procedures and sample forms