We know that you want your child to reach their potential and experience success as they move about in the world. We also know that the special education system can be confusing, frustrating and at times inadequate. FIE, ARD, PLAAFP, IDEA, BIP, IEP… it’s like learning a new language! And advocating for your child can seem like an uphill battle.

We want to help you navigate the system in a way that benefits your child and help you maintain your sanity. Whether your child just entered PPCD or is moving from high school into a transition program, we hope you’ll be able to find resources here to guide you. And if you just need some advice, send us a message! We have current and former special education teachers & diagnosticians who would love to help in any way that we can.


Texas Project FIRST - a comprehensive source of information about the special education process in Texas, as well as resources and online learning opportunities

Partners Resource Network - information on the laws that affect students with disabilities, as well as other opportunities to learn about the special education system in Texas


10 Positive Ways to Advocate - article from “Not Alone” blog

8 Ways to Advocate - article from Very Well Family

Resources from Autism Speaks (most pertain to students with a variety of needs)

Moussa Autism Consulting LLC - ARD/IEP guidance and advocacy

Advocacy Behavior Consulting - Special Education Advocate

Partners Resource Network - consulting and advocacy

Lyn Pollard - special education advocate and mom to children with learning and attention issues


Early Intervention (preschool):

Primary (Elementary):

Secondary (Middle/High School):


  • Brittany Lopez - B.A. Elementary Education, M.E. Special Education; 817-680-6560 or special.ed.advisor@gmail.com


Texas Project FIRST - offers free online training modules on a wide variety of topics

Partners Resource Network - webinars, one-on-one IEP clinics and workshops designed to educate and empower parents to participate in their child’s education